The Lainchan Webring

A bunch of people on Lainchan made a webring. Yeah, I know it's not really a webring, but whatever. Go check out their websites! Be warned, however. Many of these sites appear to be possesed by demons, so don't visit them if you can't handle that. Most of them are pretty nice though. I'm in the process of organizing them, so this page might be a little broken right now.

This is my banner

The banner for The letters of are drawn to look like the solar system, with C being the sun and O, being mercury, the next O being venus, L being earth, the dash being Mars, W being Jupiter, E being saturn, B being Uranus, S being neptune, and then the letters i, t, and e being pluto and the surrounding dwarf planets. The Dot, X, Y, and Z are shoved into the bottom right corner in yellow because I couldn't think of what to do with them.

And this is how you can link to my website

<a href="">
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If you want your own website, but don't know how, check out Neocities! It should tell you everything you need to know to make a website (nearly) as cool as this one. This is my banner if you want to link to it.

I2P links

Jake's thoughts getimiskon's space MayVaneDay Studios Dead End Shrine Online Hidden Route Chaox urof

Clearnet Links

My favorites

cozynet Yukinu mm4rk3t Luke's Cabin Tard Zone

Personal / Technology and/or Programming Projects

getimiskon; sorry i stole yr webring code bro... Lilibyte wiredspace born2live J@ck#91 Xenobyte Jake's thoughts purplevoid Omicron Setup WorkingSea No Sleep hen6003 Bendersteed Freetext Beedge jole Confusion's Confusing Confusefest Chaox Mazak Ty3r0x size of cat galladite

Personal / Trippy

jyushimatsu Xerophyte Nightt's retro art Flammable Duck xiixiixii lckdscl

Personal / The Arts (Photography, Poetry, Music, Paintings, etc.)

oedo808 kassy Evergreen MayVaneDay Studios Alice In Wonderland Syndrome Urist Strings From The Network Gap and friends Room 4 Slushbin Dead End Shrine Online Unpop

Personal / Schizo (I'm not saying it's wrong...) Christian convert apparently

Se7en's site

Personal / Drunk


Personal / Some weird stuff idk


Personal / Video Games / Photography

saturnexplorers Morituri Te Salutant

Personal / Books / Philosophy + other

satorialistic The Extramundane

Personal / MY EYES!!!! IT BURNS!!!


Libraries, Collections, or Information

The Swiss Bay Protocol 7 0x1bi Digilord thephilosopherslibrary Seapunk

You know, I actually wrote a blog post about Libraries and Librarians .

Too German to Categorize


Italian I think

Underground Web Cyberpunk Community Project

Dead? Lainch Cumbia in the wired TechUr

I haven't a clue

J. Frank Parnell Karar Oversteer

I wanted to put this website in the tech category but it appears to be about more than just that. However, the way it is formatted is kind of weird so I don't want to actually read any of the articles of this site to come up with a proper categorization, but I also don't feel like leaving it assorted, so I put it here.



Agora Road leftychan


Alienozi's Website for Electonics tinfoil-hat Jake's mail lich's website Radio Chupacabra Saltorn Kyubit User-Index Hellish Chemicals SIX10 Blaise Haskell coolio Shrine of Hakase Godcock Michi Erratas diskmagvp Hb11f nyarr Small Thoughts Spectrum of Consciousness Liberty Witch qmaury halogen stars Kirillov nerdbox TheCrypt orizuru rain howcaniholdit tocxjo newdigitalera adacayi_severim cabbagesorter e3-l18-3 minugahana nomadalgia cosmica123 requiem urof vincememe tyxton r537e grafo s-config trrb interloper scriptorium czar articexploit mouse vd1r sadgirlsclub neetadventure