75% of people don't need to pay taxes ~ Our broken tax system

Did you know that the government gets almost 90% of it's income taxes from the top 25%? Yes, even with all the tax dodging, the top 1% bankroll almost half of the IRS. That means that if the government only taxed earners of $100,000+ a year, they would have to cut their budget by 7 per cent, barely anything. Here are some charts to look at.

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income taxes by bracket chart. Wow, it must suck to not be able to see the chart, but I can't think of an easy way to put the image into words. another chart about how much money the US gov gets from taxes

So this leaves the question:

Why do they tax normal people, if it barely makes them any money?

Because they hate you.

Here are some factoids that should make you angry.

Go tell your local politicians to fix this. Anyone who won't fix this hates you.