Now on i2p

Now on i2p (the invisible internet project). It's kind of like tor but cooler. I just registered this address (you must be using i2p to use this): cool-website.i2p. Here is the full address to connect (you must be running i2p to use this link): http://bpbzzhawchb5sr46ghe6ojefuffkdlqmbynbtscordkrmsjcnwda.b32.i2p/.

If you're looking at this through this through I2P, know that this is a mirror of, but you should be able to use this site just fine. I tried to make the experience enjoyable for i2p users too. For links to clearnet pages, I may locally host it or have an I2P version beside it so i2p users can also see what I linked to. It might look like this, [i2p version]. I won't do this for everything though.

If you want to see some other cool i2p sites Go check out some of the sites in the webring